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Newsweek: Brutal GodSlap #2 Out Now From New Publishing House Bad Egg


Cyberpunk action comic book series GodSlap returns today with GodSlap #2, and it's just as hardcore as the first issue—only now, the series is held firmly in the hands of a brand-new publisher—part of an initiative to offer creators a full-service approach to getting their work out there. GodSlap is only the beginning, with plenty more to come.

GodSlap is a creation from the mind of content creator and gaming streamer Charles "MoistCr1TikaL" White, who also goes by "penguinz0" on YouTube. It follows the tale of protagonist Aius Braun, a young man with devastating power and the desire to change the world around him.

After debuting the first issue of GodSlap in May, MoistCr1TikaL and merchandising firm Warren James joined forces to debut Bad Egg, a new publishing house that's handling all things GodSlap, including merchandise like T-shirts and other gear emblazoned with GodSlap characters and logos.

Newsweek spoke with Robert Myers, director of publishing at Bad Egg, about the initiative and what it's looking to offer creators who come on board.

The cover of GodSlap Issue 02, which is now available to purchase. The issue of GodSlap continues the brutal tale of protagonist Aius Braun, a young man with devastating power and the desire to change the world around him.


"Our primary goal is to be the home for content creators who want to tell stories in the comic and graphic novel space," said Myers. "Ultimately, we want to tell engaging, groundbreaking stories with amazingly talented people.

According to Myers, Bad Egg stands out from the rest of its publishing brethren due to its "full-service approach," which means the team works collaboratively with creators, providing "white glove editorial, marketing, merchandise, and distribution support."

"By handling all aspects of the comic creation, we can save our creative partners time and energy, allowing them to focus on being creators," Myers explained. "Our expertise in direct-to-consumer sales and fulfillment, coupled with our deep knowledge and experience in the comic space allow us to be a step ahead.

There's more to come from Bad Egg, including more comic installments. The publisher is focusing primarily on GodSlap at the moment, but also working on an additional series with White. It's called Plague Seeker, a "post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror story" that Myers couldn't share much about at the moment.

GodSlap itself will also see four longer-form storylines, according to Myers, as well as new merchandise coming down the pipeline. In the meantime, check out two pages from GodSlap #2, courtesy of Bad Egg, below.

A page from GodSlap Issue 02 depicting a tragic event going on in the narrative. The issue is currently available for purchase now.


A page from GodSlap Issue 02. The fantastical events that occur in this comic will undoubtedly appeal to those interested in action and fighting-centric narratives.BAD EGG

Head over to the official GodSlap site to purchase your own copy.

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